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Artful  Comfort

 Illustrating Visions, Easing Pain

Let's Design Your Vision

About  Bella  Nightmare

Ink Sorceress of Expression

Bella is your go-to gal for stunning, expressive illustrative tattoos. Her passion for ink shines through in every piece, and she's all about keeping you comfy during the process. When she's not creating tattoo magic, you'll find her painting, always exploring her artistic side.
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Comfy Vibes & Gentle Touch

Easing the Ink

Worried about pain? Bella has you covered! Using numbing spray helps take the edge off, and the shop's cozy environment makes you feel right at home. Plus, with Bella's gentle hands working their tattoo magic, you'll be inking in comfort. 
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Independant Tattoo Artist
Woman Owned Business
Richmond, KY 40475

Rules + Shop Info

You must be 18 to get a tattoo. 
Please have a valid ID with you. *Credit Cards Accepted.



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