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Inked & Healed

Nurturing Your Tattoo's Recovery


Bella Nightmare is all about top-notch aftercare solutions to keep your fresh ink safe and sound. Say goodbye to those clunky cover-ups that hide your new art and let bacteria sneak in. She has TegaDERM® on her side – a clear, waterproof, and bacteria-fighting barrier that lets your tattoo shine through. After your appointment, she'll share all the steps you need to care for your new masterpiece. To check out the aftercare steps, see below.


Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before removing TegaDERM.

Remove TegaDERM 12-24 hours after tattoo application. If after a minimum of 12 hours the TegaDERM is filled with fluid, it is time to remove it and clean the tattoo. If it is not filled with fluid you may leave it on for the full 24 hours. We recommend you remove the TegaDERM in the shower. Once removed, wash the tattoo area thoroughly, using soap. We recommend Dial Gold antibacterial soap.

After washing, pat tattoo area dry with a disposable paper towel or let it air dry for 15-20 minutes. DO NOT USE YOUR BATH TOWEL! Even when “clean”, your bath towel harbors bacteria! If Bella instructed you to re-apply TegaDERM, please place the second bandage on the tattoo area within 15-20 minutes after removal of the first bandage. You may leave the second bandage on for 3-5 days.

Once you have removed the TegaDERM for the last time, you will begin to use lotion. After your tattoo is washed and dried, apply a small amount of lotion 3-5 times daily until tattoo is completely healed. Everybody has a unique healing process and it can take between 2-6 weeks to heal a tattoo.

Avoid sun exposure for a minimum of 2 weeks after tattoo application. This also means tanning beds. Sun exposure to healing tattoo pigments can cause color fading and prolong or complicate the healing process. We recommend to always apply SPF 30 to healed tattoos when planning on any sun exposure.

Do not soak your tattoo! No swimming for a minimum of 2 weeks. This includes hot tubs, swimming pools, lakes, rivers, etc. Swimming or soaking your tattoo can cause bacterial infections, or cause scabbing and flaking to worsen, which may cause permanent damage to your tattoo.

Itching is a normal part of the tattoo healing process; please do not to scratch your tattoo. If itching occurs, apply lotion or pat tattoo for relief. You can take Ibuprofen for any swelling. 

Please consult a doctor at the first sign of any infection.

Please call with any questions or concerns: ‭312-647-6155‬
Independant Tattoo Artist
Woman Owned Business
Richmond, KY 40475

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You must be 18 to get a tattoo. 
Please have a valid ID with you. *Credit Cards Accepted.



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