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Your Tattoo Questions Answered

Do you accept walk-ins?

I don't accept walk-ins as my studio is by appointment only. If you are interested in schedulding an appointment, reach out through my contact page. 

How do I book an appointment with you?

To book an appointment, please reach out on my contact page and provide your design ideas, preferred date, and contact information. We'll get back to you as soon as possible to confirm the details.

What is the cost of a tattoo? Do you have a minimum charge?

Tattoo costs vary based on size, complexity, and the time required to complete the design. I do have a minimum charge to cover basic costs of $100. For a personalized quote, please reach out through my contact page.

How do I prepare for my tattoo appointment?

Prepare for your tattoo appointment by getting a good night's sleep, eating a balanced meal, and staying hydrated. Avoid alcohol or drugs before your session, and wear comfortable clothing that allows easy access to the area being tattooed.

What is your policy on touch-ups and aftercare?

I offer complimentary touch-ups within 6 months of the initial tattoo, excluding specific areas prone to fading. I'll provide detailed aftercare instructions to help ensure proper healing.

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?

I requires clients to be at least 18 years old to get tattooed, with valid photo ID for age verification. 

How do you ensure a clean and safe tattoo environment?

I maintain a clean and safe environment by following strict hygiene protocols, including the use of single-use needles, sterile equipment, and thorough sanitation of workstations between clients.

Can I bring my own design, or do you create custom designs?

You're welcome to bring your own design, but I also create custom designs tailored to your ideas and preferences. I'll work with you to create a unique piece you'll love.

How do I care for my new tattoo?

Care for your new tattoo by following my provided aftercare instructions, which include cleaning, moisturizing, and protecting the area from the sun and other irritants.

How long will my tattoo take to heal?

Tattoo healing times vary, but most tattoos take 2-4 weeks to heal. Follow your aftercare instructions, and contact me if you have any concerns.

How can I pay for my tattoo?

I accept various forms of payment, including cash, credit/debit cards, and Venmo. Please inquire about any specific payment methods.

Is it okay to drink alcoholic beverages before getting a tattoo?

We do not recommend drinking alcohol at least 12 hours before your appointment. 

Is there anything I should avoid before or after getting a tattoo?

Before your appointment, avoid excessive sun exposure, alcohol, and drugs. After getting your tattoo, avoid swimming, soaking, or exposing the area to direct sunlight for an extended period.

What type of ink do you use, and is it vegan-friendly?

I use high-quality, professional-grade ink that is vegan. If you have specific concerns about vegan-friendly ink, please discuss this before your appointment.

Can I bring a friend or family member to my appointment?

You may bring a friend or family member for support.

What is your cancellation and rescheduling policy?

I require 48 hours' notice for cancellations or rescheduling to transfer your deposit. Failure to provide adequate notice may result in a cancellation fee or loss of deposit.

What should I expect on the day of my tattoo?

Please arrive to your appointment on time, preferably no more than 15 minutes early and no more than 5 minutes late. If you are running late, please call to make sure your appointment is secure. Once your skin is prepped for the tattoo, I will place the stencil and you will have the opportunity to confirm the placement of your design.
During the tattoo process you may need to take a break, just let me know. Once your tattoo session is completed, I will explain your responsibility with aftercare and will apply TegaDERM to your new tattoo. If you have any questions regarding your tattoo or aftercare please reach out.

Can you fix or coverup an old tattoo?

I can cover up or rework existing tattoos, depending on the original design, size, and placement. Reach out through my contact page to discuss your options.

Will my tattoo hurt?

Everyone has different threshold for pain, however, most say it was not nearly as bad as they feared. I offer numbing cream or spray as part of my pain management techniques. If you're interested, please mention this when you reach out.

What are your pain management techniques?

I prioritize client comfort by using numbing spray, creating a relaxing atmosphere, and employing a gentle tattooing technique to minimize pain during the process.

How do I choose the right size and placement for my tattoo?

To choose the right size and placement, consider factors such as visibility, personal preference, and how the design will complement your body. I can help guide you during the design process.

What if I have a concern with my tattoo after it has healed?

If you have any issues or concerns with your healed tattoo, please contact me. I'm happy to help address any problems and provide guidance on maintaining your tattoo's appearance.
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Rules + Shop Info

You must be 18 to get a tattoo. 
Please have a valid ID with you. *Credit Cards Accepted.



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